We are all Interconnected

We are here to live in harmony with creatures great and small
Earth offers us her resources to share with one and all
Our lives can be abundant in love, peace and joys
It’s not about possessions or who gathers the most toys

Don’t fool with Mother Nature as she always has her way
Mistreat her and abuse her and you’ll live to see the day
your children & grandchildren reap the rewards of what you’ve sown
and poisoned rivers, polluted skies and parched land is all they own.

Our ancestors bequeathed us a vast inheritance
but future generations may never have a chance
to enjoy Nature’s bounty and live in pure delight
Her magnificence and beauty may never be in sight

Don’t mess with Mother Nature – our lives are on the line
we need her precious resources and we’re running out of time
The elements we’re given- Earth, water, air and fire
are gifts from God to manifest all that we desire

Earth, our home, is irreplaceable – no technology can compete
to create a place so wondrous with all we need right at out feet
The soil is the sacred ground for growing food & flower
the richness of the soil defines our health & power

Air is what we need to live to breathe, to speak, to wake
Spirit infuses us with life with every breath we take
We share our air with all that lives so take care with what you make
as every toxin we put “out there” harms all we have at stake

Water fills our bodies and a vast expanse of Earth
oceans, rivers, creeks and streams flowing through this our place of birth
water dances, moves and changes from still to wild & intense
calming, cleaning, energizing, healing – its power is immense

Fire is Divine energy that gives us heat and light
Nature works in cycles, seasons change, as day does to night
we can power all our activities with the winds, the tides, the sun
creating renewable energy – this really can be fun

A dynamic balance of these elements keeps us so vibrantly alive
cherish them so all who follow will survive and thrive
Diversity is important to maintain this sacred space
we need every part of nature and we need to know our place

Fossil fuels are finite – we are dwindling our supply
we’ve used them to create a lifestyle only money would want to buy
the problems they’ve created are much worse than what they give
there are sustaining ways to make a life we can really live

We need connection with Nature – she’ll show us how to be
efficient and resourceful, living in peace and harmony
Your life can make a difference by what you give and take
What legacy are you leaving? What contribution will you make?

We are all interconnected to form the web of life
by squandering our resources the web is cut as with a knife
Our own survival depends on our caring for the whole
so make choices and take actions that come truly from your soul.

-Jane Norton  4/2000