The Winning V.I.B.E.S. 

V.I.B.E.S. is a 5 step process for manifesting what you envision in your life. I created it as a tool to help me easily put into practice my understanding of metaphysical principles.

In 2004, I wrote a book The Winning V.I.B.E.S.: the Energetics of Elections, offering a different approach to the political process. I then developed the VisionActionaries course to coach people to use the process not only in their own lives and work, but also to collaborate to affect change in their communities, country and world.

The Winning V.I.B.E.S. – Election 2020 Video

This 14 minute video lays out the principles and the 5 step V.I.B.E.S. process so that you can quickly learn and apply this framework. You are invited to create your vision, use the power of intention and raise your vibration to increase the possibility that we can reclaim and heal our U.S. democracy. The inspiring resources referenced in the video are listed below.

It is important to stay informed, to vote, to address issues and work to get others engaged. But what goes on in our heads is just as important as what occurs on the ground. Become a VisionActionary!

The Winning V.I.B.E.S Election 2020  Resources 

1. V.I.B.E.S. blank form to write out your own V.I.B.E.S. for the election.

2. Stand for Peace song be inspired to take a stand for what you value in this song written by Betsy Bickel and sung by Jewelsong.

3. All Around the World Visions list created by Sue Anne Solem. Be inspired and add your own visions.

4. Message from the Futurea 7 min video offering an uplifting vision of the United States in 10 years. Narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

5. Praying Rain video describes a form of prayer Gregg Braden learned from a Native American elder.

6. TTT (Trauma Tapping Technique)self-help tool for reducing stress and releasing trauma reactions.

7. Power of 8 – the power of collective intention to manifest healing and positive outcomes.