ReSourcing Our Future

The future can be different than what we see today –
let’s envision and manifest a profoundly transformed way

We each have untapped resources ready to be employed
and abundant opportunities waiting to be enjoyed

Together we can co-create much more than each one alone –
a future that enlivens us while honoring Earth, our precious home

we don’t need to settle for the direction our world’s taking
a future filled with promise is already in the making

release yourself from holding on to an outmoded point of view
expand your perspective to include ideas that are bold and new

know that we have options – we can make other choices
our world depends on what we speak with our collective voices

let yourself envision rich and juicy dreams
then find like-minded partners to become manifestation teams

design the future together in a way that works for all
our planet’s asking for your help, are you willing to answer the call?

The ‘baby boomers’ came on the planet in numbers that were great
sent here by the Creator because so much is now at stake

We’re on the edge of breakthrough, though first everything breaks down
With clear focus on our vision, the energy comes around

If you were reincarnated, returning in 100 years
what kind of world would you want then? Imagine that future’s here

Make your current choices as if that distant time was now
take actions that reflect your values – the process will show you how

Let Nature be your teacher with her evolutionary success
While emulating her ways, the challenges we can address

Listen deeply to your heart rather than your logical mind
Your feeling brain will guide you to places yet to be defined

Together we can manifest a world that’s just and fair,
peaceful, healthy and prosperous – our resources we all share

So let yourself think like the Earth, feel and move from deep in your heart
Reach boldly for the sun and stars while you passionately play your part.

Jane Norton © 2003