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Your healing begins when you do what makes you feel most alive!

Each of us has an inner healing genius and a unique path to wellness– our personal medicine – waiting to be discovered and activated. By clearing your limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and unhealthy unconscious patterns, you can unleash the power of your innate wisdom and your body’s natural capacity to heal.

Discover Your Medicine coaching sessions guide you to experience

  • getting clarity about what is most healing for you,
  • creating a plan that takes you from vision to action,
  • identifying and clearing emotions and beliefs that get in the way of your healing,
  • learning energy psychology self-help practices that reduce your stress to allow healing

The Activate Your Healing Genius program includes

  • 8 weekly experiential 75-minute coaching sessions guided by me on Zoom
  • the 5 step V.I.B.E.S. framework to create your healing plan and take action,
  • learning how to access your inner guidance
  • discovering your unique healing genius and medicine
  • be supported in taking action on the steps that raise your vibration for optimal healing

“Four months of coughing attacks gone in 60 minutes!   I was experiencing multiple coughing attacks throughout the day which were beginning to interfere, with my job.  Jane easily and effortlessly determined the energetic origin of my issue and cleared it from my system.  I was so grateful for the immediate and profound results which enabled me to return to work with my peace of mind restored.  Thank you Jane!”

Rochelle Schulz, EFT Coach

“Working with Jane was a delight! The process was fascinating to see how effortlessly we moved through and addressed old wounds. What was remarkable was how quickly the process worked! Jane’s expertise in muscle testing was impressive which helped to get right to the specific trapped emotions. Since our sessions I’ve been feeling calmer and clearer.”

Sue Williams, Sue Williams Wellness

“The journey of the hero is where we take our deepest darkest problems and turn them into medicine.”

Dean Taraborelli, Founder, The Sanctuary Sedona