COACHING for Transformation

Ready to take your life and/or work to a whole new level?

Eager to move past what’s holding you back and explore your full self-expression?

Want to know that you are fulfilling your purpose and making a contribution?

I can help you access powerful yet easy-to-learn transformational tools for clearing blocks and imprinting positive intentions as you move forward on your life path.

Let’s Work Together

After clarifying your goals for our work together, I teach you several processes that you can continue to use on your own. We then address an issue using Tapping (EFT or Picture Tapping), creative arts, engagement with nature, and/or movement. For more information about Tapping click here.

I offer single sessions and packages – let’s talk to see what works for you. During this time of social distancing two options are available. Choose an online session or consider the outdoor experience featured below.

Need a Break from Quarantine?

Come Walk, Talk, and Tap on the Path of the Heart

You are invited to do a session outdoors while socially distanced. There is a seating area and trails where we can walk while you talk about and tap on the issue you want to clear.

Research into EFT/Tapping shows significant reductions in anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms, as well as in pain levels, cravings, and the stress hormone cortisol. Studies show that movement quiets the mind and the body’s automatic stress response. Combining the two can result in even more powerful benefits. To set up a session contact Jane.

Welcome to Our Sanctuary Setting

You are invited to enjoy a wooded nature sanctuary next to a forest preserve. The ever-changing landscape and the beings that share the space are sources of delight, inspiration and learning.

As this place has been a source of healing for me, I delight in sharing it with others and offering them opportunities to learn from Nature as I continue to do.

“Your personal evolution is necessary for the word to change.”

Chantelle Renee