Jane Norton

I am passionate about helping people step fully into their most creative self expression so they can share their gifts with others and contribute to making the world a place where all can thrive. Watching my clients release what’s holding them back so they are able to be and do what they aspire to really energizes me.

Incessant curiosity in a variety of areas has fueled my journey of life-long learning. I love creating ways to share what I’ve learned with others.

Being a mother of two and grandmother of six motivates me to do my part to make the world livable for future generations.


Activating your healing genius and evolutionary purpose

A personal life-threatening health crisis brought me to my current career focus. I now combine the three areas that have brought me the most healing and joy – energy healing, creative arts and engagement with Nature- in my work with others. I am a ‘resourcerer’ – a detective who finds and shares valuable resources and an instigator of transformation! I believe we each have an innate healing genius and a purpose we are on Earth to fulfill as part of our individual and collective evolution. Self-healing and planetary healing are interconnected and essential to one another.

My Diverse career path

My diverse career path has given me an eclectic set of skills. After completing two design degrees (Interior Architecture and Community Design) and working in the design and building field, I explored holistic health, personal growth and spiritual development. I facilitated creativity, team building and leadership development programs in corporate, educational, non-profit and governmental organizations through my own business, the Center for Creative Leadership, and a Duke Leadership program. I also coached individuals using a variety of body-mind-spirit techniques. My current certifications include Sparketype Advisor, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TTT (Trauma Tapping Technique), the Emotion Code, Body Code & Belief Code.

Immersing myself in the sustainability movement, I created and taught the Design with Nature to Live Sustainably course at Durham Tech and Greening Your Business courses for small businesses. Participation in a leadership program inspired the co-creation of an environmental education non-profit, Eartheal. We engaged adults and youth in The Procession of the Species Earth day event, SPYCE Camp, a youth urban gardening program and DAWN (Design in Alignment with Nature) outdoor classroom and trail building project. I am also certified in Permaculture, and have trained in Eco-therapy, Biomimicry, The Natural Step and as a Regenerative Practitioner.