ARTICLES about the benefits of nature on our health and well being:

Your Brain on Nature: Forest Bathing and Reduced Stress  Eva Selhub, M.D. and Alan Logan, N.D., Mother Earth News

“Studies show shinrin-yoku, also known as forest bathing or time spent in green spaces, can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase your immune defense system. Research has shown that the emotions of pleasure and happiness are elevated with an increase in tree density within specific settings, even in urban settings.”

How tech workers are turning to the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ to unplug – Brigid Schulte

“Research is beginning to show that “bathing” in the natural world is associated with lower stress levels, a boost to natural killer cells in the immune system, better mood, self-esteem, physical fitness, memory, attention, and creativity, among other benefits.”

Take two hikes and call me in the morning Beth Baker, National Wildlife Foundation

“Scientists are discovering that our species’ love of plants, animals and wilderness—possibly hardwired during the course of evolution—has positive effects on human health.”

Health Benefits of Nature American Society of Landscape Architects

ASLA professionals compilation of studies demonstrating health benefits for adults and children of being in nature on a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions.

ARTICLES about Biophilia (E. O. Wilson’s hypothesis suggesting there is an instinctive bond between humans and other living systems):

Biophilic Design is an intentional process of incorporating elements of nature in our buildings and communities to access the benefits that connection to nature can have for us mentally, emotionally and physiologically. The following 4 part series addresses many of these significant benefits.

How Biophilia can Improve our lives – Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV – Neil Chambers, Treehugger

“There is now significant quantitative data showing that greater contact with elements of nature has been linked to reduced stress, faster recovery and healing time and less use of painkillers, improvement in learning and increased productivity.”  (Wilson, 2012)

 I am not recommending a lot of books, because I am an advocate of getting outside and doing your own ‘research’ on how nature affects you. If you do chose to read, take the books outside and find a spot where you can do both!

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature – Janine Benyus

Biophilia: the Human Bond with Other Species – Edward O. Wilson

Birthright: People and Nature in the Modern World – Stephen R. Kellert

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder – Richard Louv

People & Permaculture: Caring and Designing for Ourselves, Each Other and the Planet– Looby Macnamara and Rebecca Storch

The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age – Richard Louv

Your Brain on Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness and Vitality Eva M. Selhub MD and Alan C. Logan, N.D.

“Nature is a magnificent book in which God Speaks to us…”

” Nature is a magnificent book in which God speaks to us”

” Nature is a magnificent book in which God speaks to us”

~ Pope Francis