Heal Your Animal Friends

Transform your pets behaviors and health

Energy healing methods have demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in addressing animal behaviors and health.

Because animals can’t tell us what’s they’re feeling, it can be hard to know what is going on and what to do when they are in pain or acting out.  There is a way to tune in to what they need for healing. The results are undeniable as animals are not influenced by the placebo effect. And the people around the animals receive benefits as well.

What you can experience with an animal healing session:

Acting as a proxy, I use the Emotion Code or Body Code to identify and clear the energies affecting the animal and/or your relatipoonship. The 45-minute sessions are conducted over Zoom with the owner and the animal or a picture of it present. The session can also offer insights for the owner about clearings that may benefit them if they are interested.

“After just one session with Jane, I am genuinely shocked at how much more comfortable my dog Beau is when I’m not around. My friends and family can’t believe it! He’s also come out of his shell when meeting new people; he used to give warning nips and now he lets everyone pet him! The process is so simple, I wish I’d known about it sooner.”

Alana Williams

’My cats Hemingway and Fitzgerald had not been getting along. Hemingway dominates and won’t let his sibling be close to me. The day after a session Jane did with each of them, they both were snuggling with me on my bed. This would have NEVER happened in the past!  Amazing! I was shocked and so pleased to see them behaving that way with each other. This is a big change that the Emotion Code work Jane performed seems to have made possible. Thank you´

Linda Smith

‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France