The A.L.I.G.N. Process

for connecting with self, Earth & Spirit and receiving guidance from Nature

Find a place in Nature you resonate with; if not possible, then 
imagine yourself in a comforting outdoor setting.

  • Take several deep breaths, place your hand on your heart and center your energy there.
  • Ground your energy into Mother Earth; imagine you have roots coming from your feet into the Earth and you are strong like a tree.
  • Connect with Spirit / the Universe by imagining a cone of light or a cord connecting you with Universal energy and Nature’s wisdom.
  • What can you learn from observing the elements of Nature around you?
  • Are there specific messages for you in what you are seeing, hearing, sensing?
  • Pose a question for the issue or project that you would like guidance on.
  • Ask what Nature or an element of Nature would do in this situation.
  • What ideas are germinating for next steps for this project / issue?
  • What support do you want/need as you let this germinate and then move forward?
  • What will you need to nurture these ideas, and the next steps you have created through this process?
  • How can you nurture yourself and what will you need to regenerate yourself as you move through this?

Created by Jane NortonLiving Nature’s Design™