As a business consultant and coach, I am typically skeptical of other coaching help. Jane Norton is exceptional, and was able to help me in a way that I could not help myself. Jane listens, asked probing questions, is totally focused on your results, not her own, and helps frame issues and results in forward action oriented language. In just one session, Jane helped me create my vision statement. Today, I have achieved more of that vision that I ever thought possible. I owe Jane credit for setting me on the path. She’s selfless, creative, open and relentlessly focused on your success.

Bailey Allard

President, Allard Associates, Inc.International Business Strategy Consultants

I worked with Jane on multiple occasions.  Each time she helped me to discover the underlying emotions around a problem thought pattern.  By identifying these and applying EFT under her guidance, I was able to release the stuck situation. Jane has a practical and empathetic approach which she uses to help her clients see and feel things more in alignment with their true selves.  Result: empowerment and self forgiveness.
B. Karas

Tai Chi Instructor

I have had the pleasure of working with Jane over the years through a few career changes. Jane provided a skilled ‘ear’ to help me discern my authentic path. I encourage you to meet with Jane to find your inner voice and receive Jane’s thoughtful, compassionate guidance.
Laura Lauffer

Program Coordinator, Local Farms and Food , NC A&T State University

Jane Norton’s workshop was a wonderful sacred afternoon well spent. Jane created an atmosphere of learning and creativity. Through the exercises and meditations, each participant was able to uncover their own jewels of wisdom, and then share these jewels with the group. I have created a memory sheet from this workshop which I have hanging in my office to remind me of the feeling of peace that I got during this tremendous workshop. I highly recommend any workshop put together by Jane Norton.
Florence Gans

Pathmakers Success Coaching

I loved my session with Jane because I was able to get clear about what I truly want deep in my heart and received new ideas about how to bring it in. My physical experience was really exciting as I went into an extreme state of relaxation, feeling myself floating and mingling with the energy around me.
Sonja Runar

Feng Shui consultant, The Good Chi Lady

Your work is really valuable. We went deep into my core and did some major shifting on my self-worth. It freed me up so that within a week I manifested two jobs in the field I’ve been wanting to be in for a long time.
Jessie Strong

floral designer

Jane Norton truly puts her heart and soul into her work and operates out of a level of high integrity!

Martin Brossman

CEO, Martin Brossman & Associates

Every EFT session with Jane is a renewal in hope, reminding me of the awesome power of personal change. Every session leaves me with a stronger connection to myself and allows me to open up pockets of healing potential I never knew existed. Years of psychotherapy and self examination brought insight and perspective to a life-long issue but EFT brought me to ACTION. I have been able to get rid of unwanted behaviors around eating and fitness that kept me from realizing my ultimate level of health. Thank you, Jane. You are a gifted and compassionate teacher.
S. K.

The course content IS life changing! The process set me on a path to accomplish goals that I’ve held for years but never moved forward on. It felt like more of an adventure than a chore. I gained something from every facet of the course. Jane is inspirational yet approachable, compassionate, sincere – a very effective leader and mentor. I greatly admire the passionate work she is doing. People like Jane are changing the vibrational level of our world.
Jenny Grossenbacher

Co-owner, Grossenbacher Guides and sustainability consultant

Jane Norton’s unique approach and touch to creativity sourcing allowed me to search the depths of my soul for my mission. She has provided me life long tools that I constantly use on my path.
Teresa Spangler

Founder, Night of Dreams

It is a great pleasure to recommend Jane Norton’s Re-Sourcing practice, as I have experienced several sessions with dramatic results. Her work is a powerful catalyst for transformative experiences in re-connecting to the Source within. Jane created an extremely sacred, open, caring, magical environment in which to delve deeply into my inner guidance. The process was a smooth, joyous experience of being in the flow. The creative products that resulted were very helpful in revealing what I am feeling, experiencing and where I am going in life. I was very satisfied with the entire experience and could not wait until the next session. Jane has made it possible for me to access my creative self, higher power and inner guidance in a very powerful and magical way. Many thanks for her!
Lindy Teresi

Designer, Painter, Teacher of Intuitive Painting

“I came to my first session with Jane with a vague idea about wanting to improve my effectiveness and difficult feelings about past “incompletes” and disorganization. I left with newfound clarity, feeling released from years of entanglement and drag. Using a gentle, intuitive approach to EFT, Jane helped me open new channels of ideas to consider and paths to follow, enhancing work I’ve done with other practitioners. With deft assurance and understanding, she guided me to practical insights and, best of all, to tools I’ve been applying ever since, with great success. This was an unexpectedly deep experience, and I felt great afterward. I recommend Jane to anyone wanting to go beyond conventional therapies for rapid and lasting results.”


Your process facilitated my moving through a limitation that I had in my subconscious about the “perfect picture” of when and how my creative expression could be expressed. The result has been that I know wherever I am I can allow my creativity to flow independent of external circumstances and immediate response for others.
Candace Gale

President, FOCUS, Inc.

When I retired from teaching elementary school, I was eager to begin a new life, but anxious about just what that new life would be! I asked Jane to help me, and she certainly did! She guided me to identify my skills, talents, aspirations, passions, vision, and legacy, and then to determine strategic steps and resources that I would need. Through a series of in-depth conversations, and with the help of a charmingly inventive map that looked something like a board game, I was able to become clear about what this new life might be. We also looked at what inspires me, what I am grateful for, how I might get support for what I want to do, and what my core beliefs and values are. Jane is a remarkable listener and a thoughtful advisor. The process was most enjoyable. We often sat outside on her deck overlooking a lovely creek, in a quiet, secluded place next to Duke Forest. The angst and anxiety I was harboring about “What next?!” was relieved, and replaced with an energetic enthusiasm for finding out what happens after retirement! She helped me to build confidence in myself and my ability to craft the kind of life I wished for. Now that this is ten years behind me, I can reflect on how this all unfolded for me. With Jane’s help I was able to literally map out the life I wanted to live and within a relatively short time I was able to find a multitude of ways to use my gifts and talents in service to myself and others. I am very grateful to Jane for this guidance, which was invaluable to me at a fragile time of my life, and which has supported my growth and confidence these past several years.
Sue Anne Solem

Environmental Educator and Jewelsong co-founder

“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.”

~ Rumi