Align with

your authentic self and your purpose.


your healing genius


Tools for Transformation

Are you facing a challenging health condition or feeling really stuck in your life?

Do you know you are capable of so much more and want to do your part to heal yourself and the world?

Let me teach you what I have learned in my journey to heal, find my purpose and make a contribution.

I’m still on the journey … Come join me!


Let me help you discover, dream, design and develop a plan for your life and work. Learn powerful tools to re-align with your essential nature and map your path forward.


Experience connection with nature and your creativity in half or full day experiential programs while discovering your heart’s desire and next steps on your path.


I’ll share inspirational posts about what has guided my healing journey, and offer reflection questions and exercises for your healing and for coping with these uncertain times.

My Free Gift to You

The A.L.I.G.N. process helps you connect and align with yourself, the Earth and Spirit in order to receive guidance from Nature.

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What People are Saying

“Jane’s skillful coaching has accelerated my ability to move forward like nothing else I have ever tried. I’m experiencing rapid shifts where I’ve had longstanding blocks, including with relationships, self-acceptance, alignment with purpose, fun and joy...”

“Come forth into the light of things. Let Nature be your teacher.”

~ William Wordsworth