What if the purpose of Business is…

“What if the purpose of business is to nurture and sustain all life?” *
by creating equality and prosperity that ends hunger, war and strife

What if money and profits aren’t the real bottom line
and we’re missing the big picture – it’s time to re-design

the way we do business, how our products are made
the raw materials we use, how we conduct our trade

Business as usual just won’t cut it anymore
It’s killing our spirits and actually making us poor

Don’t support companies with a focus on pure greed
When profits are the sole driver, our values they supersede.

because then only a few get to reap the rewards
while the rest of us question what we’re going towards

Though fortunate to have been blessed with natural resources abundant
we have created too many products that are useless and redundant

We watch as the destruction grows out of bounds
wondering how much of nature will still be around

for our children and grandchildren to enjoy and explore
precious landscapes and animals will be here no more

Watch the bottom line focus as it crashes and shatters
now we can give our attention to what really matters

We can’t measure what’s valuable with numbers, spread sheets or charts
The things that are most important can only be measured with our hearts

Caring for people and the environment is the best business strategy
to create a successful company and a sustainable economy

it’s time for business to shift to a life-affirming approach
bringing value and integrity and being beyond reproach

Life in its grand diversity is what we must honor and cherish
it’s obvious that if we don’t we are all going to perish

So, think carefully and clearly about your part in this creation
and what we all are leaving for future generations

it’s the top line that’s important, honoring people and the earth
it’s caring and love that create true net worth

will the legacy you leave be more junk in a landfill
and money and some trinkets you’ve written into your will

or will it be a contribution beyond your time and space
making a lasting difference leaving this world a better place

© 8/2002, Jane Norton

* quote by permission from Tom Hurley of The Chaordic Alliance