let Nature’s genius transform our world through


Join others in community to more fully explore personal & interpersonal development in ½ day or full day experiential workshops. These programs include learning from Nature and one another, creative art activities and healing processes. Enjoy the opportunity to spend more time in Nature in this idyllic retreat like setting. These programs are offered periodically.

Custom workshops can also be developed for your organization or group. Contact Jane to discuss options.

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Windows to Your Heart series

Access your Inner Child

Your inner child can play with paint colors and designs that will surprise and delight you. Gelli art is a fun, easy way to create beautiful patterns with no art training. The prints can be made into cards, picture mat boards or anything your creative child can imagine!

5 of my grandchildren did Gelli painting cards for my daughter Samantha’s 50th birthday. I thought the boys (ages 10, 16,and 19) would not be engaged but they loved it!

Saturday, April 14th, 1-3 pm (2 hours) $20

Access Your Visions and Way Forward

Create cards with images that bring your visions to life and use PTT (Picture Tapping Technique) to clear any blocks to moving forward. We will then develop a plan of next steps as you take home tools and a process to keep you on track.

This process came to me while playing creatively in my friend Lindy Teresi’s art studio in Santa Fe, and is the process I used to move myself forward doing art for myself, reclaiming a room in my house as my creativity space and creating programs for others.

Saturday, May 12th 1-5 (4 hours) $35

Access Your Soul

Your Soul has messages that reveal themselves in images rather than words. The Soul Collage process employs images to show aspects of yourself that want to be seen and heard. There will be a supply of magazine images, and you can bring photos or images that you want to include in your cards.

You can create your own deck of cards that can give you guidance. I choose one each day and intuit the message it offers which can change. I created the one to the left after receiving a particularly challenging health diagnosis- it has helped me think about rising above circumstances.

Saturday, June 23rd 2-5 pm (3 hours) $25

To be offered in the future

ReSourcing from your Heart

This experiential workshop is intended to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself, the Earth, Spirit & with others to create the ground for individual and collaborative community transformation. Using guidance from Nature, you will design your own compass illustrating your strengths, challenges, vision, collaborators, strategies and commitment to action and manifestation as an agent of positive contribution to your greater community.

This and the next workshop will be offered in the future.

Let Nature be your guide


Did you ever think how useful it would be to have an operating manual for living sustainably on our planet?

Actually, there is one and it is beautifully demonstrated by our ‘biological elders’, the other species and the ecosystems we share our home the Earth with. In this experiential session, we will access the wisdom of the natural world to help us learn how to become agents of cultural regeneration. You will be introduced to the concepts of Biophilia and Biomimicry that show us that the key to surviving and thriving is emulating Nature’s successful strategies from 3.8 billion years of research & development.


To see the frameworks that these offerings are based on, see Foundations.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks.”

~ John Muir, naturalist