Draw & Tap your way to emotional health!

PTT (Picture Tapping Technique) uses Meridian Tapping, along with the power of metaphor and image to release issues in a painless and indirect way. The use of hand drawn images allows direct access to the subconscious – where all issues are stored and their healing can take place. This is not about making art, but using symbols to express what you are currently feeling about an issue and then using tapping to clear the charge. There is no need to verbally discuss your feelings, so this is a very safe and private process.



Opening to the flow

Let there be light

This sequence of drawings I did about my feelings about a medical test. I went into it so much more calmly than I would have and used the imagery of the yellow light during the procedure.

None of these images were premeditated- they arose spontaneously through the process of drawing and tapping and are often surprising and filled with messages.

“The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit.”

Angeles Arrien