let Nature’s genius transform your life through


Take a walk in the woods to discover, dream, design and develop a plan for your life and work. Let Nature be your guide – discover allies to support you in your personal and professional development. Nature has 3.8 billion years of wisdom that can show you how to thrive. Develop a relationship with this mentor and model

Learn self-transformation tools – access amazingly powerful yet easy to learn energy tools for clearing blocks and imprinting positive intentions as you move forward on your career and life path.



I love working with change agents and people desiring to make the world a better place for all- young people (high school and college), mid-career professionals seeking more meaningful work and retirees ready for their next phase of contribution.


I also offer group coaching for environmental and social impact groups to assist them to work better together internally and in coalitions and in taking their work into the world in a respectful, collaborative way.

How we work together is as important as what we do together. It is essential that relationship tending – to self, others, the Earth and Spirit- be included in our efforts to change the world. We need to be doing the inner as well as the outer work.




Using the ReSourcing Compass™, you will be guided to connect with Nature, identify your assets, values and passions, envision your future, and design a strategy for moving forward purposefully and powerfully on your path. You will create your own map for your current focus, and have a framework you can use in the future to apply to other projects. This compass and process can be used by individuals and groups.

I also offer powerful healing processes that can accelerate your path and teach you tools that you can use on your own to reinforce what we do together.


You are welcomed to indoor and outdoor spaces located on a wooded nature sanctuary next to a forest preserve. The ever changing landscape and the beings that share the space are sources of delight, inspiration and learning. Just being in this space is restorative.

As this place has been a source of healing for me, I delight in sharing it with others and offering them opportunities to learn from Nature as I continue to do.


Though meeting in person is ideal, SKYPE sessions are also available.

You can access more information about the healing tools available and the foundations that these offerings are based on.

“Your personal evolution is needed for the world to change.”

~ Chantelle Renee